Super Fat Laces & Socks' Origin Story

Find out all about Super Fat Laces & Socks, including the history of our shoelaces, our socks and our ongoing mission to upgrade your feet!

Super Fat Laces began early in 2009 with the aim to provide a quick and easy place for fabulous people all around the world to purchase the high quality range of Mr Lacy Shoelaces. Pretty soon Mr Lacy began creating more and more shoelaces, so we continued to buy them all because we love them so much. To this very day, we stock all the Mr Lacy styles and colours of shoelace we can get our hands on.

At the end of 2010 on a cold and frosty British morning with a cup of tea and chocolate covered biscuits, we were happily thinking of all the great feet in the world wearing super-cool shoelaces all because of us. Feet, wonderful feet, we thought. Then, while putting on a pair of woolly socks to warm up our frosty toes, it hit us... feet love SOCKS!

So we ran to our office as fast as our pimped up feet could carry us and found the greatest, most fun and funkiest socks available from our friends at Sock It To Me and bought every single wonderful one of them.

Now we knew what it was all about, we had a new purpose in life, we were on a mission to upgrade your feet, with freshest shoelaces AND fun, novelty socks.

This was when we wanted to make a statement on what our company is, and what better way of doing that then stocking Gumball Poodle socks! The amazing people at Gumball Poodle have been very friendly and we love their socks!

Through the years we have bulked up our stock with some of the best brands around, including; Happy Socks & Richer Poorer.

These brands give us the professional designs any business woman/man would love to wear.

In 2017, we decided to slowly move up the body and start stocking underwear!

We thought, "what a better company to start with than Sock It To Me". Their socks have provided fun and good times to all our customers and we know everyone's going to want to match their favourite socks! 

We hope you all enjoy shopping at Super Fat Laces & Socks. We would love to hear from all our customers, so get in touch!


Please feel free to contact us for anything, socks, shoelace or underwear related!

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