Huxley Sock Co. Men's Crew Socks - Blackback and Polka (Bamboo Socks)

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Under the bright lights of the casinos, they knew they could create a better sock and buying experience than anyone else on the market, so they took the gamble and decided to start Huxley Sock Co. and they haven't looked back since!

Huxley Sock Co. have developed the softest socks around by turning to nature for inspiration. This led them to develop their unique bamboo yarn socks. Compared to cotton socks, they are superior in both softness and heat regulation, as well as being better for the environment.

Size: UK: 7-11 / US: 7.5-11.5 / EU: 40-45

Materials: 81% bamboo, 18% nylon and 1% elastane

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