Sock It To Me Women's Knee High Socks – Mana-tea

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Manatee! You're doing tea time wrong! Do you have that one friend who doesn't quite get social cues, never knows when to be prim and proper, always gets loud when things are supposed to be quiet? WE LOVE THAT FRIEND. This manatee is making a scene at a proper, civilized high tea and we are loving it. "Oh, the hu-manatee!" the fancy people will say. This marine mammal is just being himself and having some fun—we suggest you do the same. Put on these maroon tea themed knee highs and make a mess of a proper tea time yourself.

Size: UK: 3-8 / US: 5-10 / EU: 35.5-42

Materials: 53% Cotton, 45% Polyester, 2% Elastane