The Shoelace Brand - Glitter White Kids Shoelaces (70cm)

The Shoelace Brand - Glitter White Kids Shoelaces (70cm)

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Glittering like a mermaid, these shoelaces come in white, pink and green depending on the angle and light.

The laces are adorned with purple glittery plastic tips to sparkle as much as they can. Super good for tying a bow with, as the material is a bit rough, they are easy to tighten. Super tough shoelaces for kids.

  • Material: Glitter thread / polyester
  • Color: White
  • Length: Available in 70cm and 90cm
  • Width: 1cm
  • Shape: Flat shoelaces
  • Plastic tip in glitter purple
  • Washing advice: the shoelaces can be washed in a laundry bag at 30 degrees, but feel best when rinsed with washing-up liquid and warm water, rub a little.

It's always fun to match the clothes with the color of the shoes but instead of buying new shoes you can change the shoelaces, the small detail of "just" changing the shoelaces does a lot, you have to try it, it gives your shoe a completely new look .

Perfect little gift for him/her who has everything, the stylish packaging enhances the luxury feeling of the product.

More info

  • 70cm is best for the smallest feet, while 90cm is better for slightly larger or more eyelets.
  • 1 box contains 2 shoelaces

The shoelaces are suitable for sneakers, gym shoes, boots, lace-up shoes.

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