The Shoelace Brand - Icon Light Blue Scarf Shoelaces (120cm)

The Shoelace Brand - Icon Light Blue Scarf Shoelaces (120cm)

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WOW WOW WOW!!!! Have you seen any cooler shoelaces? You have the world's most beautiful shoelaces here!

Don't blame us if people start staring down the hill as you walk by.

These shoelaces are hard to take your eyes off! A perfect fashion accessory!

With the shifting pattern and the different colors varying in turquoise blue, black, white, & "gold", it's a stunning pattern with black leopard touches while being a classic iconic pattern with chains & elegance.

  • Material: Satin
  • Color: Light blue/turquoise blue, black, white and "gold"
  • Pattern: Pattern with a little bit of everything, leopard pattern, chains - an elegant pattern.
  • Length: 120cm
  • Width: 2.5cm
  • Shape: Flat shoelaces
  • Metal tip in silver
  • Washing advice: the shoelaces can be washed in a laundry bag at 30 degrees, but feel best by rinsing with washing-up liquid and warm water, rub a little.

The Scarf shoelaces are all unique, they are made from large silk fabrics that are cut apart to recycle fabrics instead of the scraps being thrown away. The Icon Lightblue Scarf shoelaces are all the same color but no two shoelaces are the same. When you see the laces packed in the box they may look like it's just blue or just leopard etc BUT open the box, unroll the laces and thread them into the shoes and they all give the same overall impression - You will NOT be disappointed, it's THAT nice !

The fabric used to make the scarf shoelaces is only patterned on one of the sides, therefore two fabrics are sewn together, to get patterns on both the back and front of the shoelace. Since there are two fabrics that are sewn together, the shoelace becomes a little larger and gives a super nice effect in the shoe. The bow becomes large and the lace ring on the shoe is covered by the stylish shoelace.

More info

  • 100cm best fits 3-5 lace holes & 120cm best fits shoes with 5-8 lace holes
  • 1 box contains 2 shoelaces

The shoelaces are suitable for sneakers, gym shoes, boots, lace-up shoes. However, most fin shoes with laces have a super small eyelet (metal ring) around the lace hole either at the front or back of the lace hole which can make it difficult for the metal tip to go through. There can also be small eyelets on boots, shoes, sneakers, but not as common. If there is no eyelet on the Finnish shoes, it is fine to use these shoelaces BUT Finnish shoes often do not require more than 65-75cm of shoelace, so ours may be a little too long depending on the number of lace holes the Finnish shoes have.

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