The Shoelace Brand - Navy Gold Shoelaces (120cm)

The Shoelace Brand - Navy Gold Shoelaces (120cm)

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Dark blue / navy blue shoelaces in cotton with metal tips in gold. Stylish, classic and unisex.

This is a classic blue shoelace that is a bit more luxurious than others, the fine quality and the golden metal tip really enhance the feeling and give it that little something extra.

The super fine elasticity of the shoelaces makes them the perfect shoelaces for sneakers and gym shoes, easy to tighten.

  • Material: Cotton with fine elasticity
  • Color: Navy lay
  • Length: 120cm
  • Width: 1cm
  • Shape: Flat shoelaces
  • Metal Tip: Gold
  • Washing advice: the shoelaces can be washed in a laundry bag at 30 degrees, but feel best when rinsed with washing-up liquid and warm water, rub a little.

More info

      • 100cm best fits 3-5 lace holes & 120cm best fits shoes with 5-8 lace holes
      • 1 box contains 2 shoelaces

The shoelaces are suitable for sneakers, gym shoes, boots, lace-up shoes. However, most fin shoes with laces have a super small eyelet (metal ring) around the lace hole either at the front or back of the lace hole which can make it difficult for the metal tip to go through. There can also be small eyelets on boots, shoes, sneakers, but not as common. If there is no eyelet on the Finnish shoes, it is fine to use these shoelaces BUT Finnish shoes often do not require more than 65-75cm of shoelace, so ours may be a little too long depending on the number of lace holes the Finnish shoes have.

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